About Us

LIPPS & SASS was started simply because there are too many #ducklips and #frozen looking faces out there and frankly, we were not going to continue to stand around and let it happen to you beautiful people out there.

Perhaps some of these results have been requested by that individual client, which we are pretty cool with. As they say, each to their own.

In many cases though, it is our experience that people generally want to look fabulous, but not fake.

Therefore, we are leading the #noducklips movement because we know we do awesome LIPPS and we truly know that you will #LoveYourLipps too.

We can also help you determine whether you should “B” or “Not to B” because sometimes you should, and other times you really should not.

(See what we did there ? We borrowed a little from Shakespeare … To Be or Not To Be, in our world is To “B”otox ® or “Not to B”otox ®)

We focus on one goal getting THE RIGHT COSMETIC RESULTS for YOUR FACE. Mix in a little bit of FUN and some SASS to this goal and this is what gets you LIPPS & SASS.

Our founder and lead injector has not only obtained the appropriate training he, in fact, has trained and worked with many of the leading cosmetic injectors in the industry since 2007 whether they be a plastic surgeon, dermatologist, cosmetic physician, nurse or dentist.

Jason is a highly sought after Nurse Injector (NINJA for short) and cosmetic injection trainer across North America, a guest speaker at many of the cosmetic industry’s conferences and has advised and consulted on the topic of injectables for multiple media outlets and publications.

(We honestly should get him a better profile picture) … “WHY SO SERIOUS JASON?”

Leading the “#noducklips” movement he will help you through your decision to “B” or “Not to B” or whether or not you need to add volume to your already beautiful face.

Go ahead … meet with him and find out more.

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